How To Take Care of Blonde Hair During Summer

How To Take Care of Blonde Hair During Summer

silver colour hairstyles

Being a blonde bombshell can be hard work, especially during the summer months. Sun, sea and sand can wreak havoc on lighter locks; so all you blondes out there, pay attention as we outline a few hot tips to help solve your summer hair hang-ups…

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How to Maintain Fine, Limp Hair

How to Maintain Fine, Limp Hair

Maintaining a fine, limp hair can be a daunting task and the easy fixes common with curly or wavy

hair just won’t work on your volume-less tresses. Getting a classic bounce will take a careful series of

steps and precautions of what not to do. Here are some tips about how to maintain your straight,

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Shoulder Length Haircuts

Spring Summer 2016 Shoulder Length Haircuts

Spring is here and summer is near, this is the time when we start to go out more and socialise,

and this is the time when we start to look for new wardrobe, but first thing women start with is, a new hairstyle.

So if you have a shoulder length hair or you looking for shoulder length hairstyle, then you are in for a treat. With a shoulder length hair you can achieve almost every look under the sun, wether its curly, wavy or straight , with the right haircut you can have that versatile look,

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Brazilian Blow Dry | A Review of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

A Woman’s Beauty is Defined by Her Hair- A Look at the Brazilian Blow-Dry

Brazilian series line of flagship hair treatments has long been famed for their consistently stunning results on all hair types. The Brazilian blow-dry builds on this rich institution, offering a solution that treats your hair with keratin, repairs its natural strength and restores the resilient vigour of your mane. And unlike the hybrids of yesteryears, the treatment is unique and long lasting in a way that puts other blowouts to infamy. How’s that for attention to detail? Read More

Diet Tips For Healthy Hair

Golden Diet Tips for Healthy Hair

Lifeless hair emanates from the inside out! This simply means that diet is to blame for limp, stiff and fragile hair. We often turn to conditioners and shampoos when our hair looks dull and overcast. The reality, however, is that there is more to hair than tonic products and posh ingredients. And it’s as easy as stepping into your kitchen and spicing up your daily regimen with nutritious meals that will guarantee you a stronger, glossier and thicker mane. Read More



Mo Nabbach – hairdresser, photographer and director of M&M Hair Academy, talks about the hair styles and colours we can adopt to enhance or disguise an ageing face.




“How can I go back to my natural blond hair colour if I’ve dyed it dark?”

To return to your natural hair colour after dying it dark, this is something we don’t recommend you do your self, because it is not an easy task. We have seen people who did and they end it up with more disaster if its not done correctly you can end up with uneven colours of orange and yellows going through your hair, and that can be an attractive look,  So first thing You need to fined Read More

Hair Colour Removal

Hair Colour Removal


At M&M Hair Academy, we have developed a technique to help those who have dyed their hair a dark colour, strip that colour away, making them able to achieve lighter tones in their hair.


Before jumping straight into it, you will first need to book in a consultation with one of our colourists who specialize in colour corrections. This technique will even work on permanent colour that was once so tricky to remove. Read More