“How can I go back to my natural blond hair colour if I’ve dyed it dark?”

To return to your natural hair colour after dying it dark, this is something we don’t recommend you do your self, because it is not an easy task. We have seen people who did and they end it up with more disaster if its not done correctly you can end up with uneven colours of orange and yellows going through your hair, and that can be an attractive look,  So first thing You need to fined Read More

Hair Colour Removal

Hair Colour Removal


At M&M Hair Academy, we have developed a technique to help those who have dyed their hair a dark colour, strip that colour away, making them able to achieve lighter tones in their hair.


Before jumping straight into it, you will first need to book in a consultation with one of our colourists who specialize in colour corrections. This technique will even work on permanent colour that was once so tricky to remove. Read More