Mohawks for girls

Mohawks for Girls

Emeli Sandé

Daring Mohawk looks, without the risk

We are huge fans of Emeli Sande’s trademark mohawk and at her gig it looked as good as ever. She styled her mohawk into a high impact quiff, which must have taken some serious string hold gel! At our salon we love the contrast between the short shaved side and the long top. It is very rock star.

We’d all love to be able to pull off that tapered, yet glamourish look, but at the same time, would like to be able to have something that can be worn into the office on Monday morning… and now you can!

With the various styling techniques you can achieve the shaved look. As shown by these celebs, you can see that by slicking the side of your hair back, you will be able to pull off this “Rockstar” look but still be able to maintain your long hair!

Alternatively by using the cornrow method, you can create the illusion of shaved sides by simply plaiting the sides of your hair.

Yes, it’s true that Mohawks are a daring choice for a hairstyle and yes they were once typically worn only by men but this no longer needs to be the case. These days, just as many girls are rocking this stylish look. So don’t fear the jump, make the transition, be bold and beautiful with this dominating look!

The cut of the mohawk is very important, but give it that special touch by adding a fresh new colour to your new look? Maintaining the look is important, colour is an essential part of this style. The work and effort that you put into this style is definitely worth it as you will most definitely be turning heads!


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