Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle

So you’ve just mustered up the strength to chop off your long locks to achieve a bob, but you’ve seen said A-Lister rock your new desired look and make a complete hash of it. You’re confidence of converting to a bob has been diminished!

When trying to come up with a suitable style for ourselves, we tend to look to Hollywood or MTV for guidance. But this itself can be an inaccurate representation of a good hairstyle.

Rita Ora can be seen wearing a natural bob, with soft curls. It’s a beautiful cut, but despite her beauty, Rita doesn’t seem to be cutting it.

Rita Ora



Now here we have Meg Ryan, wearing pretty much the same cut and clearly wearing it a lot better.

Meg Ryan


So it just goes to show, that certain styles aren’t for everyone. What works for certain people may not work for others.

Don’t be put off by a poorly pulled off style. Get that confidence to make the jump to a soft bob. It’s all about suitability, we strive to give our clients a look that not only makes them feel great, but also suits every aspect of them. We take into account colour and texture of the hair, but just as importantly, we make sure that the hair cut suits the client’s face shape. The face shape is a crucial part of our consultation as this can greatly effect the end result of the hair cut. Different face shapes suit different styles of bobs.

So be sure to book your free consultation at M&M Hair Academy before completely committing to the transition of having a bob.

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