Brazilian Blow Dry | A Review of Brazilian Keratin Treatment

A Woman’s Beauty is Defined by Her Hair- A Look at the Brazilian Blow-Dry

Brazilian series line of flagship hair treatments has long been famed for their consistently stunning results on all hair types. The Brazilian blow-dry builds on this rich institution, offering a solution that treats your hair with keratin, repairs its natural strength and restores the resilient vigour of your mane. And unlike the hybrids of yesteryears, the treatment is unique and long lasting in a way that puts other blowouts to infamy. How’s that for attention to detail?

If there’s anything you can count on from a Brazilian blow-dry, it’s that it will undoubtedly impress. It is like a conditioning treatment that is left to set in your hair keeping it straight and shiny for a whopping three months! This is attributed to the application of a keratin solution that marvellously relaxes waves and reduces frizz. You can as well kiss goodbye to hair straighteners and numerous blow-dries. What’s even more enthralling is the fact that it creates an incredibly sleek finish and moisturises your hair making it enviably glossy.

Most people simply assume that a Brazilian blow-dry is just another type of blowout. Others think they know all about it, but they ignore a few things and bam! They end up with misconstrued notions and ideas that end up ruining their chances of ever trying this incredible one size fit all hair-do. I am going to clarify some misconceptions about the treatment to let you have a vivid idea of all things inclusive.

Brazilian Keratin Treatment

1. 1. The keratin treatment often goes by the names permanent, lifelong, just to name but a few. Despite the names, it’s neither permanent nor lifelong. But unlike other treatments, it lasts for a relatively extensive time and almost incredibly inflicts no damage to your hair.

2. 2. Frizz-free is what many people use to describe their hair after the treatment. But depending on your hair type, it may still have a slight element of frizziness. This may be a bit on the fence, but it’s nothing to fret about since your extremely untameable hair is guaranteed to be a hundred times better. What more could you ask for?

How’s It Done?

First, hair is washed with shampoo to get rid of any products and make it entirely clean before subsequent steps. It’s then towel dried, and the keratin solution applied to the hair then combed through. Care is taken to ensure that it covers every inch of hair with particular attention to the curly roots. Once the product is amassed, it’s left to enchantingly diffuse in for twenty to thirty minutes before being blow-dried. The whole process can take between 1-2 hours depending on the length of your hair.

Who’s It For?

If you always spend 30 minutes blow-drying your hair every day, are experiencing heat-related damage or find it hard to go out during times of humidity; you are the best candidate for a treatment. This blow-dry is a must try since it will not only save you loads of time but also leave your hair in perfect condition.

What Else Should You Know?

It is imperative to consult your local hairdressers before having the treatment. This will allow them to evaluate whether you have the right hair for treatment. According to most sources, the right hair is the type that’s certainly problematic to cope with. At Ealing Hair Salon, we exclusively use professional products which create polished and amazing results for all types of hair.

Final Thoughts

Between the treatment and the cost, the treatment is not an all season style. But you can definitely set it as a tradition for the summer periods- it’s absolutely worth saving the time, energy, stress and planning that comes with unmanageable hair. Brazilian blow-dry is unquestionably a phenomenon that’s here to stay. Simply magical!

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