Office Party Styling Made Easy

Office Party Styling

It’s that time of year again, believe it or not the festive season is nearly upon us once again- that means over-eating, manic shopping and your office party of-course. We’re here to offer some tips and tricks to help you transform your tresses with the aid of only a couple of handbag-friendly essentials. We believe that the key to Christmas party hair is achieving a perfect day-to-night transition, nailing that 7pm-switch-up is imperative when you don’t quite have the time to rush home to wash your hair. Read on for some super-simple styling options that will take you from desk to dancefloor in no time…

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3 tips to look after blonde hair this summer

Being a blonde bombshell can be hard work, especially during the summer months. Sun, sea and sand can wreak havoc on lighter locks.  Here are a few hot tips to help you care for your blonde hair this summer…

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How to protect your hair during the summer


Summertime brings bountiful joys of enjoying nature at its finest. Whether it is relaxing by the beach side and soaking in the warm rays of the sun or going out camping with your favourite buddies, there is no limit to the choices of fun activities that can be done in the summers. But, to enjoy summer to the fullest, you must ensure that the harmful sun rays do not adversely affect your beauty. There’s always the option of applying sunscreen to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays, but what about your hair?

Today we’re going to talk about some essential summer hair care tips that you can use to prevent hair problems such as dry scalp, frizziness, dandruff, split ends, and others.

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How to care for fine hair: do’s and don’ts

Maintaining fine hair can be a daunting task, and the easy fixes common with curly or wavy hair just won’t work on your volume-less tresses. Getting a classic bounce will take a careful series of steps and precautions of what not to do. Here are some tips about how to maintain your straight, fine hair with minimal damage or loss. Read More

How do they do it? - Mo Nabbbach

How to make a mohawk without cutting your hair, Tutorial





                                            How Do They Do It