3 tips to control frizzy hair this summer

There’s no doubt, summer is by far the king of the seasons. But with London currently in the midst of the hottest summer in 30 years, or so the headlines say, a whole host of hair-related nightmares have come out to play. The main culprit here is humidity. Ever wondered why your hair goes from super sleek to an untameable mess as soon as you step out the door? Humidity! When there is a high level of moisture in the air, our hair tends to develop a mind of its own… read on for our guide on how to tackle the seasonal frizz.

Tip #1: Anti-frizz serum

For a more temporary solution, you’ll find a number of affordable anti-frizz serums and oils on the market. These products should be applied to damp hair: timing is key, as the frizz will start to form as soon as your hair begins to dry. The serum acts as a barrier between your porous hair and the water in the air. To further prevent unwanted volume, experts suggest you leave your hair to air dry or diffuse gently in order to keep your hair’s cuticle sealed.

Tip #2: Keratin treatment 

If you’re seeking a longer term frizz-control strategy, a keratin treatment or Brazilian blow dry is probably your best option. This long lasting treatment will half your styling time and leave your hair super sleek and glossy for up to twelve weeks. Book a session at M&M today for a maximum impact, minimum effort look that will take you through to autumn effortlessly.

Tip #3: Wash your hair less often

One last hot tip: although it may seem counter-intuitive on sweaty summer days, try to refrain from washing your hair quite so often. Leaving longer in-between washes allows your natural oils to keep your locks moisturised! After all, the summer months should be spent worrying about what swimsuit to wear on your Greek island holiday, not bad hair days. We hope our simple tips and tricks will allow you to focus on the important things this summer.

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