Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles for Your Perfect Summer Hair
Summer is here and the curls are back, it seems pointless to straighten your hair just for it to curl right back up due to the humidity. So why not flaunt your natural curls? and if you hair is straight then a soft perm and long layers for that natural and effortless hairstyle.
Curly Hairstyles are easy to maintain, Just wash, condition and apply styling products for natural drying to define the curls.
If you desire your curly hairstyle to be loos, just apply the product and leave it to dry naturally as the moisture ways the hair down, if you want the curls bit firm then use a defuser attached to the hair dryer and left the the hair toward your head to spring the curls up, Finish with argon oil for extra shine and definition.

Orofluido argon oil is one of the recommended products.

Orofluido Crop


Orofluido Beauty elixir is a product for all hair types, with organic, natural oils, it helps give your curly hair a beautiful shine and natural look without weighing the hair down.

On top of being a beautiful product in terms of looks, it’s subtle fragrance is a favourite among our clients


It can be used on damp or dry hair:

Applied to damp hair

• Reduces drying time
• Leaves hair light, silky and easy to comb
• Gives hair body and movement
• Enhances the natural shine of the hair

Applied to dry hair

• Gives hair great shine

•Controls frizzing and makes combing easier

• Leaves hair soft, disciplined and flexible

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