Dip Dye Hair Specialist

Dip Dye Hair Specialist


Any one who works in a hair salon will have had every 13 year old girl in their borough coming in, begging their parents to let them have their hair dyed every colour of the rainbow!

While rainbow hair colour was big last year, dip-dye hairstyles are in this season. Don’t dismiss it as a trend popular only among teenagers; it’s suited for women of all ages. This look is very popular at our salon, as has been sported by Hollywood celebrities like Dakota Fanning, Jessie J, Jessica Alba, Katy Perry and Christina Aguilera.


While this  can be a stylish and striking new look, it can be done horribly wrong, so it is important that when try to achieve this look, to get a gradual blend from a natural base, fading in/out to a desired colour.


At our Ealing salon M&M Hair academy, we pride ourselves on our creativity, yet suitability of our work. As important as it is for us to give our clients the looks that they desire, it is even more important that we give our clients a look that they will be able to maintain. This means giving them a look that will have longevity and a look that can be worn with ease.


If dip-dying your hair is something that you’ve be interested in call M&M Hair Academy today and book your free consultation.

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