Dip Dye Hair: The Ultimate A-List Ombre Style For 2016

Dip Dye Hair: The Ultimate A-List Ombre Style For 2016

There’s really no disputing that the angelic dip dye hairstyle is growing more popular by the day. If anything, this redefined trend from the golden ‘oldies days is showing no signs of slowing down or disappearing anytime soon. And with new reincarnations of this colour motif being re-invented every other single day, starting from free-painting balayage to delicately subtle ‘sombre’, there hasn’t been a better time to rock a dip-dye inspired hairstyle than today.

More and More Celebrities are Getting Involved

Behind the facade of this revolutionary and insanely popular trend is some of the notable personalities in the social media and showbiz industry. Some of our favourites who have helped take this style to the next level include Jessica Alba ( we love the eyes too! ), Drew Barrymore and, of course, without forgetting Kaya Scodelario’s royal purple looks. Just by looking at how the aforementioned individuals have managed to pull it off, it really seems that there’s more than one way to tweak and dabble with this trend.

A-List Jessica Alba Dip Dye Hairstyle Drew barry More Dip Dye hair Kaya Scodelario's royal purple looks

A Rich Variety of Gorgeous Colors

Truth be told, when it comes down to dip-dyeing, there’s no standard or set way of doing it. Whether it is by making use of blonde tips or simply highlighting your entire crown, the final result can either be subtly gorgeous or even outrightly outlandish. And that’s depending on how you choose to do it in the first place.

For instance, consider these two cases;

While Rita Ora is trailblazing the dip-dye trend with her super-edgy ( but still awesome ) purple ombre, Jessica Alba – on the other hand – is turning heads with her brunette locks with those delicately gorgeous honey-gold toned ends. You don’t have to be a fashion guru to see what’s going on in here. While in the first instance ( Rita Ora ) the subject manages to achieve an ostentatious new look, in the second case ( Alba ) proves that you can still join team dip-dye and still look naturally good. Whichever option you choose to go with depends on you and your tastes/personality.

Rita Ora Ombre Hairstyle jessica alba ombre hairstyle

A New Trick up our Sleeve...

So if you’re wondering whether you can savour the moment by trying out ‘outlandish’ hair styles without actually messing up your hair, ( well, in case of anything ), then you’ll be pleased to know that there are a few tricks you could make use of to step up your dip-dye game.

For starters, you might want to invest in some fancy ( but natural-looking ) dip-dye extensions. The best thing about some of these extensions is that you just have to clip them in and bam! You’re ready to go. I mean, it doesn’t get any better than this. There is no doubt that Faux locks will complement any dip-dye game ( however flashy ) any day.


Not Just for Blonde heads…

Far from the common misconception, the dipping game is not just reserved for people with a golden-accented mane. Now, we have even red heads flaunting some serious dip-dye mojo! A good example is celebrated TV presenter Caroline Flack who has helped champion this new way of doing things, really.

Caroline Flack Dip Dye Hairstyle

So whether you want to look as flamboyant as Nicki Minaj or as quietly brilliant as Jessica Szhor, then dip-dyes are your best bet! our M&M Hair Academy excellent hair experts team are looking forward to serving you.

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