Face Shape and Suitability

Face Shape and Suitability


There’s nothing worse than getting your haircut and realising it doesn’t suit your face shape. Hair trends change all the time, yet the majority of styles are not ‘one size fits all’ – some WILL look better with different face shapes, therefore it’s extremely important to take this into account when choosing your next haircut.


Each person is different and our face shapes vary massively. Some men will have to take their face shape into account more than others; the majority will want to create the impression of a squarer face shape, which is both incredibly masculine and widely recognised as the most pleasing to the eye.


To achieve this ideal shape, long faces need shortening, wide faces need lengthening and angular faces would require a softer finished haircut.


Many customers come into the salon well prepared, with pictures or ideas about how they would like their hair. However, as a stylist, I find it’s vital that you consider an individual’s face shape when doing a consultation.


I would always suggest asking your stylist if they think the haircut you have chosen will suit your face shape – if they don’t think it will, ask how you can alter the style to make it work for you.


A haircut is personal and should be created to suit your face shape and hair type, as well as your image and personality. With this in mind, today I will break down the most prominent face shapes that are seen on male clients, and provide some general advice/guidelines as to hairstyles that suit each…


Oval Face Shape

face 1


Oval Face ShapeConsidered to be the ideal face shape for women, but not so much for men, an oval face generally suits any hairstyle in any shape or length, because it is proportionally well-balanced. So not only can you pull off any type of sunglasses you like, but you also have the freedom to experiment with your haircut. Some people have all the luck.


The only thing to avoid is a full length fringe, as this can make the face appear rounder. An oval head shape allows maximum versatility, allowing the hair to be styled onto or off the face and can be worn long or short.



Square Face Shape

face 2

Square Face Shape a guy with a square face shape is considered to be strong and masculine. When gents have their hair cut, the majority of styles they choose are squarer and more angular than women’s. Most women prefer to have their haircuts rounder in shape.


A strong jawline is the definitive feature of a square face, which makes the face appear chiselled and angular in appearance. Much like oval, a square face shape suits a wide range of styles, but the hair around the hairline can often look better if it is softer around the edges.


That being said, I personally think that a tight, short haircut looks great and actually enhances facial features – it all depends on whether you want your face or hair to be the main attraction.


I would strongly advise not to style the hair in a centre parting or with a heavy fringe if you have this face shape.




Oblong Face Shape

face 3

Oblong Face ShapeAn oblong face will also suit many hairstyles. This face shape is slightly longer than an oval face, and it’s important to keep this in mind when choosing your haircut.


Try to avoid taking the sides too short if you want to keep length on top, as this would accentuate the length of the face and it make it appear even longer. If you want to wear your hair in this way then I would recommend trying to keep the shape well proportioned – don’t take the sides too short or leave the top too long.












This face shape also suits having the hair styled onto the face to reduce the appearance of length and maintain balance.





Round Face Shape


Round Face ShapeChoosing a haircut for a round face depends entirely on what features/areas the individual would like to enhance or hide.


A round face has no angles or prominent lines, therefore it’s important to choose a style that can be worn with a bit of height. It doesn’t have to be spiky but adding volume keeps the face from looking too round.


Try to avoid sharp fringes as they only accentuate the natural roundedness of the face shape. Likewise, too much length coming onto the face can produce a similar effect. Softer edges to the hair will help counter this

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