Your Festival Hair Checklist

  • With festival season just around the corner revellers are itching to escape the city and don their wellington boots, tie-dye tees and questionably short shorts. Outfits aside though, festival hair should be at the top of your list of priorities, with showers and straighteners nowhere to be seen. We’re talking zero effort but maximum impact hair styling that combines practicality and originality- you won’t be seeing any boho plaits and flower garlands here!
  • Let’s start with the products; less is more when it comes to taming your festival tresses, unless we’re talking about dry shampoo, then more is definitely more. Your hairdresser will be able to suggest one that works for your hair type but we’d suggest a tinted product for those with darker hair to prevent the powdery look.
  • Then comes the fun bit, the colour and the glitter; don’t fret though, it’s all temporary! For those with light hair head down to your salon and ask for a temporary die job through your ends, pastels work really well. If you’ve slightly tones hair chalks can be a great alternative, they work really well on any hair colour and can be rinsed out with water, you can try a different colour each day!
  • Now with your clean (ish) funky coloured locks it’s time to get styling. Long or short hair, there is a festival look for everyone, this is your opportunity to try out the wildest hair trends of late. Embrace the braid, but not just the one- the many! You can even introduce a couple of ribbons or a feather or two, weaving them through your plaits. Not quite got the length for a full head of braids? Why not try the dual mini bun look a la Miley Cyrus circa 2011? The world is your oyster!
  • Whether it Glastonbury, V, Isle of White or even Coachella, go wild and try something new- after all come Monday morning at work it’ll be but a distant memory and you’ll be back to business with just a couple of stray specs of glitter lodged in your parting.

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