Find the perfect hairdresser in 3 simple steps

First and foremost: you mustn’t be afraid to ditch the chain to find your perfect hairdresser! As with anything in life, a big name doesn’t necessarily mean quality. In fact it can sometimes mean quite the contrary, and let’s not forget the premium price tags that all too often accompany those household name salons. Independently-owned hairdressers tend to be more selective with their staff, have fewer stylists on their books and a lower staff turnover. In short, try out your local salon, you could end up with a better cut and a fuller purse!

Secondly be review savvy! Online reviews can be an incredibly important resource when scoping out a new salon but it’s essential that you maintain a critical eye. All reviews are not created equal! Sadly you will come across plenty of fake and paid for reviews online, giving five stars after five stars to everything from your local Indian restaurant to that suspiciously cheap kettle that you can’t decide whether to buy. However, there are a few tell-tale signs that can help you identifying these bogus comments. One to beware of is the distinct positive negative pattern. Businesses will often pay for positive reviews to counteract a customer’s negative comment, resulting in an identifiable pattern of contrasting opinions – keep your eyes peeled people! One last thing on reviews… a stylist’s name is gold dust and while a salon as a whole may have a decent reputation and be the subject of many a complimentary appraisal, you want to find that one special hairdresser who has a creative flair and knack for colour.

Stay loyal! Once you’ve found your perfect match, don’t let go. They may move salons or even start up their own business but it’s important to stay in touch. A skilled hairdresser grows familiar with your hair type, understands your styling needs…and plus, after that many hours in the chair together you aren’t afraid to boss them around a bit to get exactly the cut you are after.

And lastly, a wise hairdresser once said that when choosing from two salons, contrary to your instinct, don’t go for one with enviable mane… go for his colleague because he obviously didn’t cut his own hair!

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