“How can I go back to my natural blond hair colour if I’ve dyed it dark?”

To return to your natural hair colour after dying it dark, this is something we don’t recommend you do your self, because it is not an easy task. We have seen people who did and they end it up with more disaster if its not done correctly you can end up with uneven colours of orange and yellows going through your hair, and that can be an attractive look,  So first thing You need to fined a professional  hair salon with a good colour experience, they will have to strip the colour using a bleach bath technic, this might take few applications depends on the depth of the colour then they will apply a colour toner to neutralise the colour as close to your natural base. While this method will work, it can damage your hair, leaving it brittle and dry, depends on the level of left and the condition of your hair at that time. What we would suggest, is to apply some tightly woven highlights, to brighten your hair up. This will be gradual and give’s you a good result wile you growing your hair to its natural base.

 Bleached Hair brown hair with caramel highlights Hair Bleach Appliction

“Why is my colour faded so quickly?”

The big problem with hair colour fade, is usually down to the maintenance of the hair post colour. After you’ve had your hair colour service, it’s very important to use the appropriate shampoo that will protect the colour. lots of people are an aware of the damage shampoos can do, not only to your hair also to your scalp, some shampoos contain a high amount of detergent, what causes hair colour to fade after few washes, dry’s your hair and also you end up with dry and flaky  scalp. Another issue could be if you’re someone who swims a lot, the chlorine will also cause your hair colour to fade, try to apply chlorine protection hair cream to your hair and swimming cap before you go in to the swimming pool

Faded Hair Colour Hair Colour FadeGlossy Brown Hair Colour

“My grey hairs are coming through too quickly, is there a reason for this?”

Unfortunately, there isn’t much you can do in terms of preventing regrowth. If you are someone who has an all over colour to mask the grey, you’re going to be topping it up every 4 weeks. If you have a high percentage of grey hair and you want to continue with an all over hair colour  We’d recommend you go for a lighter colour shade that way the regrowth is not too obvious, this will depend on whats left of your natural hair colour shade, but the best option we recommend to not of our clients  is to go for highlights using various shades of colours to complement one another, the regrowth is less apparent and you won’t have to colour your hair as regularly. People are afraid of having “stripes” on their hair, this is only down to poor highlighting techniques. We use very fine closely woven highlights which give a much more natural look.

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