Hair Colour Removal

Hair Colour Removal


At M&M Hair Academy, we have developed a technique to help those who have dyed their hair a dark colour, strip that colour away, making them able to achieve lighter tones in their hair.


Before jumping straight into it, you will first need to book in a consultation with one of our colourists who specialize in colour corrections. This technique will even work on permanent colour that was once so tricky to remove.


People have been led to believe that when we colour our hair, the colour becomes placed into the main structure of the hair which expands to stay in there, that it is absolutely irreversible. It is true especially when we do it over and over, the hair cuticles can become stained, that it’s a lot more difficult to remove but it is still very possible. This means that you won’t be forced to cut a large chunk of your hair to remove the previous colour.


One golden rule to remember when colouring hair is that colour doesn’t lift colour. So if you have tinted dark hair and apply a blonde colour on top of it, the blonde will have no effect at all other than damaging the hair slightly. The only safe way of removing the colour without damaging the hair, is to use our gentle, colour removal technique.


Come into the salon and have a test strand done to see if it is possible to get your desired shade, then we can begin your transformation.

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