Halloween Hairdos


Let Your Hair Do the Talking This Halloween

With Halloween just around the corner we know that choosing a costume can be somewhat overwhelming. You want to stand out from the crowd but typically you’ve left it until the night before and you have limited resources, why not base your costume around your hair, it can’t get much easier than that right? We’re of the belief that wigs are overrated when it comes to spook-worthy hair- why not take the opportunity to work with your existing hair style and type to devise a look that allows you to shake what your mamma gave ya.

So let’s start with the pixy crops… cult 60’s model Twiggy comes to mind. Twiggy’s iconic crop is parted to the side and slicked down with gel, just add signature twiggy eye-makeup featuring pencilled on lower lashes and iridescent white eyeshadow. Pull on that mini dress rescued from the depths of your wardrobe and finish with some glitter ball earrings, a-voila!

Two inches longer and you’ve hit the ‘lob’ or the long bob. How about Pulp Fiction’s Mia Wallace? Whether you hair’s straight or curly you’ll need to get the straighteners out and give your locks a quick once over and the short fringe is a must. You are in luck if you already have one, but no problem if not, you can order clip in bangs online for next to nothing which have much the same effect. Complete the look with a white shirt and black kick flairs.

Once we start getting into the realms of longer hair the pool of potential costume ideas widens. If you’re lucky enough to have lustrous red locks you could wear your hair in loose waves and go out dressed as Jessica Rabbit or an Ariel. You can also have a lot of fun with darker shades; black or dark brown hair lends itself better to those eerier characters- think the Ring’s iconic ghoul-like girl. This is a minimum effort, maximum impact look. Simply part your hair roughly down the middle being careful not to create too neat a line and use an oil based product to create clumpy strands and give your hair an unwashed look. Pair with a dirtied oversized white nightdress an you’re good to go!

We hope we’ve got your creative juices flowing and shown you that wigs are far from essential when it comes to creative costume ideas. Make the most out of what you’ve got and let your hair do the talking this Halloween.

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