How to care for fine hair: do’s and don’ts

Maintaining fine hair can be a daunting task, and the easy fixes common with curly or wavy hair just won’t work on your volume-less tresses. Getting a classic bounce will take a careful series of steps and precautions of what not to do. Here are some tips about how to maintain your straight, fine hair with minimal damage or loss.

DO wash your hair often.

Fine hair usually gets oily and sticks to the head, screaming for a wash. Feel free to wash it frequently, provided you don’t go overboard. By contrast, curlier and thicker hair tends to be drier and therefore looks better with fewer washes, benefiting from the accumulation of natural oils.

DO NOT apply conditioner on your roots

Conditioner is usually applied to improve the hair texture, smoothing the hair cuticles to make the strands soft and glossy. But some ingredients in conditioners, including silicon and oils, can weigh down your hair. That’s the last experience you want to give your flat hair, particularly the roots. So apply the conditioner sparingly to the tips of your hair, and no further than the nape of your neck.

DO NOT sleep on wet hair

Thin, fine hair won’t bounce back into shape. Actually, it won’t bounce back at all. Sleeping on wet hair will leave your head with strange cowlicks and kinks the next morning, something you will need a straightening iron to smooth out, or to wash it again which is totally unnecessary.

DO blow dry your hair upside down

Flipping your head down is the best way you can get to the roots of your fine hair and really give it the required extra lift. You may add a little volumising mousse so as to damp your hair for that extra uplift.

DO NOT use plastic combs on dry hair

Static hair occurs when negatively charged electrons fly off your hair, making the strands positively charged, causing them to resist one another. Plastic combs encourage the greatest level of static whereas metal combs being good conductors, don’t.

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