How to protect your hair during the summer


Summertime brings bountiful joys of enjoying nature at its finest. Whether it is relaxing by the beach side and soaking in the warm rays of the sun or going out camping with your favourite buddies, there is no limit to the choices of fun activities that can be done in the summers. But, to enjoy summer to the fullest, you must ensure that the harmful sun rays do not adversely affect your beauty. There’s always the option of applying sunscreen to protect your skin against the harmful UV rays, but what about your hair?

Today we’re going to talk about some essential summer hair care tips that you can use to prevent hair problems such as dry scalp, frizziness, dandruff, split ends, and others.

Protecting your hair condition during summer. brought to you by M&M Hair salon in Ealing

Women can take care of their skin by applying facials and creams, but often neglect in taking proper hair care though it’s as simple as following the steps mentioned below:

1. Stay hydrated.

Remember to drink plenty of water in the summer season because one of the common reasons for the dullness on our hair is dehydration. Drinking at least 7 to 8 glasses of water every day will take care of your daily fluid intake that will keep dehydration at bay and keep you energised to face the challenges of everyday life.

2. Use mild shampoo.

Our scalp tends to become dry due to lack of moisture, leading to fragile hair prone to breakage. Strong chemical shampoos often remove “sebum”, which is a natural scalp oil secreted by the sebaceous gland, so it is important that you only use a shampoo of gentle formulas and follow it up by applying hair conditioner.

3. Use a conditioner with sunscreen formula.

As most of us prefer spending free time in summers chilling by the pool or taking a vacation, the sun rays can make the hair frizzy and dry beyond control. A conditioner that contains SPF30 sunscreen formula can be of great help during summers as it can help block sun damage and other adverse effects from direct exposure to sun rays.

4. Regular trimming.

Frequent trimming during summer can prevent split ends from appearing and give your hair the gorgeous polished look that everyone desires. Cut off split ends frequently and apply coconut oil to the tip of your hair to keep them moisturised and looking healthy.

5. Avoid using artificial products.

Products like colour and hair bleach may contain alcohol and other chemicals that may lead to drying of hair during the summer season, so, the best alternative is to use natural air products that will increase blood circulation to the scalp as well as moisturise and nourish your hair for optimum growth.

6. Use a scarf.

Wearing a light-coloured scarf or hat will protect your hair from the harmful effects of UV rays. Wearing a scarf is not only beneficial, but it can also be used as a solid fashion statement in the summers.

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