3 tips to look after blonde hair this summer

Being a blonde bombshell can be hard work, especially during the summer months. Sun, sea and sand can wreak havoc on lighter locks.  Here are a few hot tips to help you care for your blonde hair this summer…

Tip #1: Wet your hair before taking a dip

We don’t know about you but for most, summer holiday = poolside cocktails and sun drenched swims. Many blondes will know all too well the perils of a dip in the pool or two! The combination of chlorine and heavy metal residue often found in swimming pools can result in garishly green tresses, which quite frankly is the last thing we want when returning to work after a week in the sun!

A fuss-free hack is to simply wet your hair in the shower before getting into the chlorinated pool water – this will prevent you hair from absorbing quite as much pool water and therefore limit the damage.

Tip #2: Stop by your hair salon on your way back

On your (somewhat reluctant) return home, we’d recommend a quick fix toner treatment. Quick and simple, this salon treatment can even be done in your lunch break! By applying a toner to discoloured blonde hair, we can bring back the softer tones to the blonde.

Tip #3: Use UV protection

It’s not just pool water that you need to be wary of though: think you only need sunscreen on your skin? Think again! The sun can cause damage to your hair in just the same way it can the rest of your body. Be sure to use UV protective, moisturising  products to prevent your hair from drying out, which can be especially problematic for dyed blonde hair.

And we’re not just talking the kind of damage caused by a three-week tropical vacay in the Maldives. With the sun finally coming out over London town, be sure to protect your hair at home too!

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