Long Hairstyles For Men

Long Hairstyles for Men.


Men around the world! Long gone are the days of the tapered “Short Back ‘n’ Sides”. It’s all about keeping your long locks, if legend of Samson is true, that the strength of a man is in his hair, then where is the logic in cutting it all off?

Mythology aside, are people afraid of society looking down on them for having a shaggy mane? Perhaps. But at M&M Hair Academy we believe longer look doesn’t necessarily have to be a greasy, windswept mess.

The 80’s businessman (ala American Psycho) would keep his locks and wear them with pride… sophisticated pride that is.

Long hair1

With the use of product, to comb back the hair, they were able to achieve a stylish/trendy but at the same time, a powerful businessman look.

Long time, Patrick Bateman admirer and impersonator, Scott Disick is probably the best example of a celebrity mimicking the 80’s businessman look.

Long hair3

This isn’t to necessarily say that this look can only be worn in Wall Street, it seems now that many celebs are bringing this look back;

long hair2

Hollywood heartthrob, Bradley Cooper has been seen rocking this look for sometime now and it’s no wonder, the frosted tip, boy band look really wasn’t cutting it.


As well as the style being a slick, stylish and clean look, it can also be pulled off with a rugged twist as sported by Brad Pitt;


With a looser, more casual sweep back and the addition of a bit of stubble, the look is morphed into something completely new!

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