Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles

Lately we have seen celebrities in the headlines with their new pixie haircuts. It seems to be common for people who are bored of their long locks, to feel like that the only way they can reinvent themselves or make a change to their hair style, is to chop it all of, bleach it white and tone it to some sort of candy floss like colour.

Long hair doesn’t have to be worn in such an unimaginative way. We previously showed how you could temporarily transform your long, one length into an edgy, rockstar like style, by masking it with plaits to create the shaved sides effect .

But you can also wear your hair in other ways to bring a bit of creativity to your look;

Although this is a safe approach, Kate Middleton pulls of a stylish, sleek, yet classic look, with soft curls.


A long hair style can also be brought to life with the addition of a fringe, sported here by Taylor Swift.

long hair

By adding colour to your hair, you can go to different lengths of extremities to add character to your cut. Jessie J’s dip dyed, long hair, fringe combo has been a popular choice of style for many


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