One sided Hair Braid

One sided Hair Braid

The one-sided hair braid trend being spotted on many A-lister’s recently.

The one-sided hair plaits has become a summer statement due to some of A-List stars such as Kristen Stewart and Khloe Kardshian all showing of the look on the red-carpet.

This is a hairstyle for those who are not daring enough to go for the under cut

you too can add your own unique twist, choosing to have just one hair plait or multiple, like Khloe.

Hair Plait

Khloe Kardashian

Khloe is always known for her new trend and was quick to jump on this one at the launch of her new skin care range. Going for a sleek look, the Tv reality star looked here sporting three hair plaits with a loose glossy finished ends to one side.

Kristen Stewart

the Twilight actress chose a single hair plait and kept the rest of her hair in messy curls.

Jennifer Aniston

She wore one side hair plait that curved along the side of her head.


So if you aren’t comfortable in shaving a side of your head to achieve this look, have no fear, look at these celebrities for inspiration in obtaining the look that you desire, without having to worry about the risk of regret the next day!

Come into our salon, it’s quick, easy and you too can be rocking this mimicked, shaved side mohawk look without actually having to shave your head and have a mohawk!

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