With the popularity of the Quiff and many new men’s hair styles that look like they may need a little more than a quick towel dry, the time has come to hone your hair styling skills. After getting the cut, keeping the style looking right at home is crucial for this particular attention seeking hair style – and don’t worry because with practice it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes from start to finish.

How to get the perfect quiff?

Do NOT make yourself look like an extra from the movie “Grease”. What do I mean by this? Don’t douse your hair with a lot of shiny/oily product to style the hair. The purpose of having a truly styled quiff is to have a natural look. This can be achieved with light hairspray’s/waxes.

With your hair shampooed and towel dried, apply a wet styling product (see my recommended products). Comb it through the hair to get an even coverage, and make sure you comb the hair (mainly the top), towards the front of your head.

Set your dryer to the highest temperature setting and the lowest speed – you can always increase the speed when you feel more confident.

Move the hair in the direction you want to style it with the dryer, point it up to get more lift in your quiff. Lightly mist with a holding hairspray by blowing it in the direction you want with the dryer.  Once dried and ready to mould, rub a small amount of wax into your palms and texturise your hair into the style you desire to achieve your perfect Quiff.

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