Hair Colour
Colouring your hair can be the simplest way of subtly or radically changing the way you look. The colour can be either permanent or temporary and our staff are available for free consultations to help you to make the most appropriate and informed choice as to which particular technique will mast suit you.

At M&M Hair Academy we us a daylight balanced lighting system which enables our technicians to colour match your hair and skin-tone, and with the use of images and colour chart, we can help you see some of the different looks that can be achieved.

with the range of colour products now available and our technicians colouring experience we can add a new dimension to the way you look.

PARTIAL COLOUR: by just emphasising the lines of the cut with colour, a bolder, stronger look can be achieved.

TOUCH COLOUR: here only the ends of the hair are coloured, this technique is used to emphasis the texture within the haircut it is ideal for short hairstyles.

PAINTING: the hair is literally painted, placing the colour exactly where it works best for subtlety or strength.

COLOUR HIGHLIGHTING: this is an ideal introduction in hair colour, not just blond lights, but a whole range of complementary or contrasting colours, can be used to give your hair a subtle change in tone and depth or a more defined noticeable look.

BALAYAGE: Balayage is a French word meaning to paint or to sweep. It’s a freehand technique without using foils or mech,the colour is placed direct to the area where its needed,and this gives your hair more of a sun-kissed effect and its softer than the uniform look you get with foil highlights, it last longer because it doesn’t leave you with an obvious regrowth.    

SLICE COLOUR: A variation of colours are worked vertically or horizontally through the hair.

This technique is perfect for bob’s or cats with straight lines.

SEMI PERMANENT HAIR COLOUR: is a colour that fades out naturally, it is ideal as an allover colour, fro covering grey hair, no harsh regrowth, also can be used to enhance your natural hair colour leaving you with a nice glossy shine.


Colour Service Prices From
T-Sectiont £68
Highlights Half Head £75
Highlights Full Head £98
Balayage £98
Ombre (Dip Dey) £98
Colour Correction PAO
Regrowth £55
Full Head Colour £59
Fashion Colour £35
Bleaching & Toner £85