Go bold: go short!


Cropped hair isn’t for everyone, in fact it takes guts to get those longer locks lobbed off in favour of a shorter style. We aren’t demanding that you pick up the phone right this minute and book your appointment for the big chop, we wish merely to propose a couple of shorter styles that might be just the change-up you were looking for this season.

If you take away anything from this article, be it that short hair by no means equals boring hair, and contrary to popular opinion, neither does it mean un-feminine hair!


Take the pixie crop for example. Done right, this style epitomises cool-girl chic. We’re talking short back and sides and a choppy fringe that swoops over the forehead. Add volume and texture using a texturising product range for a ‘I woke up like this’ daytime look, and slick back with a moisturising gel for a striking party style.

Not quite ready for the clippers? Maybe a bob is more up your street. Rising to fame with Posh Spice in the noughties, the bob has come a long way in the last decade, garnering a whole host of celebrity supporters along the way… Sienna Miller, Kiera Knightly and Jessica Alba to name just a few!

We believe that a bob gives you the opportunity to really enhance your features and play with what suits you- a sharp edge cut just above the jaw line is super flattering on more angular face shapes, while a slightly longer style, or ‘lob’, works better on rounder faces.

What’s more is that shorter hair is a means to really show off excellent hair styling! Whether it be exquisite feathering or ultra-sharp blunt ends- it’s about making a statement! After all, long hair, with its greater weight, can drag down your roots while excessive length can distract from your amazing haircut. Not to mention shorter styles require a lot less TLC than a longer mane… we challenge you to take the plunge, or the snip for that matter!

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