Shoulder Length Haircuts

Spring Summer 2016 Shoulder Length Haircuts

Spring is here and summer is near, this is the time when we start to go out more and socialise,

and this is the time when we start to look for new wardrobe, but first thing women start with is, a new hairstyle.

So if you have shoulder-length hair, or if you are looking for a new shoulder-length hairstyle, then you are in for a treat. With a shoulder length hair you can achieve almost every look under the sun, whether it’s curly, wavy or straight , with the right haircut you can have that versatile look,

One of the important thing is, when you looking for a new hairstyle or even if you already know what you want, we recommend that you look for more inspirations, not in hair magazines, as we fined most of hairdressing pictures are static, and less practical, the best way is to go online, use google search and type celebrity shoulder length haircuts, that way you will be looking at wearable and practical hairstyles, once you find the style you like, take the picture with you, to show your stylist, pictures spick louder then words, the other thing is, people they don’t see the whole picture,

they just look at the haircut, but most of the hairstyle pictures, they consist of  cut and colour, which completes the total look, the partial colours, are used to enhance the texture, and the movement of the haircut, and the overall colour, is used to ad vibrancy, and shine, to the finish look.

with the right colouring technique and complimentary shades, you can achieve the total look, Checkout some of the examples below.

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