Summer Hairstyles 2013

Summer’s on its way and this means a new summer hairstyle is called for! Whatever your hair colour, length or cut, making changes to your hair can banish the winter blues, readying you for those long hot summer days. Let’s take a look at the hottest new hair trends for summer 2013…

Low Buns

Summer Hairstyles 2013 Low Hair Buns

Rebelling against last season’s love of high buns which sat high on top of the head, summer 2013 set to welcome back the ‘anti-ballerina bun’. Simply scrape your hair back and rest on the nape of your neck to create an attractive and sophisticated low bun. You could also style your ponytail in exactly the same way, straightening your hair to create that sleek, refined look. This style is set to explode this summer, so why not be one of the first to sport it?!

Platinum Pixie Cuts

carey-mulligan Pixie Hair Cuts

If you like to be daring in your style choices like Michelle Williams or Carey Mulligan, why not go all out and choose a platinum pixie cut for your summer hairstyle? It can be a drastic change, but one that will look fabulous, especially in the summer. The platinum blonde look is certainly in fashion, but be beware – the look needs a lot of maintenance, with touch-ups being required approximately every 6 weeks. So if you’re the low maintenance type, you might want to steer clear of this quirky summer style.

Go Grey

judi dench and Pink Grey Hairstyles

Going grey by choice may seem a pretty brave choice, but it’s actually a very popular trend at the minute, and one that’s set to grow out of out of control during the summer months. With many celebrity sirens sporting the silver look (Little Mix’s Perrie Edwards and singer Ellie Goulding to name a couple) many ladies are choosing the bleached grey look. One thing’s for sure, it’s certainly striking and perfect for the summer when you’ll want to stand out from the crowd!


 Taylor Swift Hairstyles with a Fringe

Summer 2013 is set to welcome back fringes and they’ll come in all styles, from blunt and bold fringes to peek a boo styles and those subtle and sultry grown out styles. Whatever your face shape, there’s bound to be a fringe perfect for you. With many celebrities favouring the fringe, such as Kim Kardashian, fringes have been thrown back into the limelight.

SOrange Hues

 Christina Handricks Orange Hairstyles

Platinum and grey may be big this summer but so is orange, which can be an equally striking look. Red was massive in 2012 but summer 2013 will favour a more orange hue, sported by an array of redhead celebrities such as Christina Hendricks. Orange is a great look if you have paler skin as it will give you a dramatic look, ideal for the summer when you will want to look your very best.

With the winter weather fading away, it’s time to makes changes to your hair in order to give it a new lease of life just in time for summer. There’s some exciting styles in store, so why not be brave and choose a dramatic new look for your hair? Go grey, grow a fringe or even experiment with a a low bun. Whatever look you choose, you’re sure to look sensational!


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