With the popularity of the Quiff and many new men’s hair styles that look like they may need a little more than a quick towel dry, the time has come to hone your hair styling skills. After getting the cut, keeping the style looking right at home is crucial for this particular attention seeking hair style – and don’t worry because with practice it shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes from start to finish.

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Face Shape and Suitability

Face Shape and Suitability


There’s nothing worse than getting your haircut and realising it doesn’t suit your face shape. Hair trends change all the time, yet the majority of styles are not ‘one size fits all’ – some WILL look better with different face shapes, therefore it’s extremely important to take this into account when choosing your next haircut.


Each person is different and our face shapes vary massively. Some men will have to take their face shape into account more than others; the majority will want to create the impression of a squarer face shape, which is both incredibly masculine and widely recognised as the most pleasing to the eye. Read More

Hair Colour Removal

Hair Colour Removal


At M&M Hair Academy, we have developed a technique to help those who have dyed their hair a dark colour, strip that colour away, making them able to achieve lighter tones in their hair.


Before jumping straight into it, you will first need to book in a consultation with one of our colourists who specialize in colour corrections. This technique will even work on permanent colour that was once so tricky to remove. Read More

The Fringe




Side-swept fringes are absolutely one of the best kinds of fringes that you can do so much with! Whether you are looking to just add some different layers to your hair, or you just want something different, side-swept fringes are easy to maintain and you can style them anyway! These are fringes that look great pinned back, braided and are typically long enough that you can wear them without feeling like they are weighing you down. Read More

Dip Dye Hair Specialist

Dip Dye Hair Specialist


Any one who works in a hair salon will have had every 13 year old girl in their borough coming in, begging their parents to let them have their hair dyed every colour of the rainbow!

While rainbow hair colour was big last year, dip-dye hairstyles are in this season. Don’t dismiss it as a trend popular only among teenagers; it’s suited for women of all ages. Read More

Long Hairstyles

Long Hairstyles

Lately we have seen celebrities in the headlines with their new pixie haircuts. It seems to be common for people who are bored of their long locks, to feel like that the only way they can reinvent themselves or make a change to their hair style, is to chop it all of, bleach it white and tone it to some sort of candy floss like colour.

Long hair doesn’t have to be worn in such an unimaginative way. We previously showed how you could temporarily transform your long, one length into an edgy, rockstar like style, by masking it with plaits to create the shaved sides effect .

But you can also wear your hair in other ways to bring a bit of creativity to your look;

Although this is a safe approach, Kate Middleton pulls of a stylish, sleek, yet classic look, with soft curls. Read More

Mohawks for girls

Mohawks for Girls

Emeli Sandé

Daring Mohawk looks, without the risk

We are huge fans of Emeli Sande’s trademark mohawk and at her gig it looked as good as ever. She styled her mohawk into a high impact quiff, which must have taken some serious string hold gel! At our salon we love the contrast between the short shaved side and the long top. It is very rock star.

We’d all love to be able to pull off that tapered, yet glamourish look, but at the same time, would like to be able to have something that can be worn into the office on Monday morning… and now you can!

With the various styling techniques you can achieve the shaved look. As shown by these celebs, you can see that by slicking the side of your hair back, you will be able to pull off this “Rockstar” look but still be able to maintain your long hair!

Alternatively by using the cornrow method, Read More

Bob Hairstyle

Bob Hairstyle

So you’ve just mustered up the strength to chop off your long locks to achieve a bob, but you’ve seen said A-Lister rock your new desired look and make a complete hash of it. You’re confidence of converting to a bob has been diminished!

When trying to come up with a suitable style for ourselves, we tend to look to Hollywood or MTV for guidance. But this itself can be an inaccurate representation of a good hairstyle. Read More

Long Hairstyles For Men

Long Hairstyles for Men.


Men around the world! Long gone are the days of the tapered “Short Back ‘n’ Sides”. It’s all about keeping your long locks, if legend of Samson is true, that the strength of a man is in his hair, then where is the logic in cutting it all off?

Mythology aside, are people afraid of society looking down on them for having a shaggy mane? Perhaps. But at M&M Hair Academy we believe longer look doesn’t necessarily have to be a greasy, windswept mess.

The 80’s businessman (ala American Psycho) would keep his locks and wear them with pride… sophisticated pride that is. Read More

Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles

Curly Hairstyles for Your Perfect Summer Hair
Summer is here and the curls are back, it seems pointless to straighten your hair just for it to curl right back up due to the humidity. So why not flaunt your natural curls? and if you hair is straight then a soft perm and long layers for that natural and effortless hairstyle.
Curly Hairstyles are easy to maintain, Just wash, condition Read More