The Fringe




Side-swept fringes are absolutely one of the best kinds of fringes that you can do so much with! Whether you are looking to just add some different layers to your hair, or you just want something different, side-swept fringes are easy to maintain and you can style them anyway! These are fringes that look great pinned back, braided and are typically long enough that you can wear them without feeling like they are weighing you down.
Side Fringe

Hayden Panettiere can be seen here wearing her slick side fringe. This look suits her round shaped face.



Parted fringes are the next kinds of fringes we are going to talk about and these are typically fringes that are a little blunt, but are parted in a middle. These fringes are fun, flirty and look great on any face shape! The best part? They look good pinned back or left down, it all depends on the style you are going for!

Parted Fringe

Nicole Richie can be seen here rocking the centre parted fringe. This goes perfectly with hair bands/ties.



Choppy fringes are all of the rage right now and these kinds of fringes are very stylish and edgy! Whether you have short or long hair, choppy fringes can look amazing and really, can be chopped up any which way! Give these a try if you are really looking for a complete change in your hairstyle!

Choppy Fringe



Blunt Fringes are typically cut straight across your forehead. This is a great look if you really want something a little heavier and you want something that you can style up without thinking about it. Blunt fringes are timeless. Tons of the celebs have them right now! One note, if you have a round face, make sure your blunt fringe isn’t too wide.

Blunt Fringe

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