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Secret Recipes For Healthy Hair

Lifeless hair emanates from the inside out! This simply means that diet is to blame for limp, stiff and fragile hair. We often turn to conditioners and shampoos when our hair looks dull and overcast. The reality, however, is that there is more to hair than tonic products and posh ingredients. And it’s as easy as stepping into your kitchen and spicing up your daily regimen with nutritious meals that will guarantee you a stronger, glossier and thicker mane.



Lets Narrow It Down

With hair, a generous serving of protein is the game plan. Ever wondered why some people have excellent glistening hair? They eat foods packed with omega-3 fatty acids. Yes, your hair needs more than just a one-time recipe of salmon to keep it fuller and healthier. Omega 3 fatty acids have magical properties that enhance hair growth by opening up follicles to avert fallout. Protein intake from dairy sources such as eggs along with vegetarian sources such as legumes and nuts are also an excellent nutritional package for your hair.


The desire to add bulk to iron intake is one shared by every sleek model and faithful hair enthusiasts alike. Iron is especially important for adding that extra strength to hair follicles. The hair follicle gets its support from a rich intake of iron foods such as red meat, chicken, spinach, broccoli and even kale. Beef is a perfect diet for healthy shiny hair. It is packed with protein and iron.

Most people do not know that the sun causes damage to hair the same way it does to the skin. Foods rich in Vitamin E are an asset since they provide protection to your hair, so you do not have to get apprehensive when you are out in the sun. Nuts are nutritional dynamos, providing zinc, selenium and Vitamin E to the body.


What Should You Avoid?

While eating healthy is important, it does not mean you should gobble down everything just to satisfy the amounts. Vitamin A, for instance, is used by the body to make sebum which conditions the scalp, too much of it leads to hair loss. People who constantly ingest foods such as carrots could actually be doing more than heightening their immunity. Sugar and juices, on the other hand, are known to promote inflammation which is a culprit of hair loss.


Secret Recipes for Healthy Hair

Achieving shiny, healthy hair does not include a miracle based on cheats and shortcuts. An overall balanced diet is essential for healthy hair as well as a healthy scalp. If you are not consuming enough of everything, your hair will become dry, brittle, weak and eventually fall out.


Golden Rules for Good Hair Maintenance

Now that you have grown a shiny, thick, luscious mane you should be able to uphold the integrity of your hair by following a holistic maintenance routine.

              1. Stay away from sugars and refined carbohydrates.

              2. Avoid radical weight loss patterns.

              3. Don’t withhold on healthy fats.

              4. A balanced diet is a key to maintaining healthy hair.

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Bleaching Your Hair

Hair & Photography By: Mo Nabbach for
M&M Hair Academy

To Bleach or not to Bleach?Currently sported by a number of picture perfect A-listers,

Currently sported by some picture perfect A-listers, It’s fair to say, that the white blonde trend that has taken by storm, is here to innocent scroll through your Insta feed provides temptation enough take the plunge. Bleaching your hair is a bold change though, with long term effects on the quality of your locks, so we’ve pulled together some key info to help you make an informed decision.

Hair Bleach Application

There are a couple of important factors to consider before booking your bleach job. First and foremost you need to make sure your hair type can handle the treatment, finer hair will be the most affected by the bleaching, but not all of these effects are necessarily bad. While bleach undoubtedly damages all hair types, in the long run, the appearance of fine hair after lightening treatments may seem thicker because the bleach has altered the elasticity and porosity of your hair, changing the way it absorbs moisture.

Hair Bleaching Damage & HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HAIR

It’s also important to remember that after treatment your hair will be more vulnerable to environmental damage and the effects of heat styling. The bleach affects the structure of your hair cuticle resulting in more breakage, and the notorious split ends coming out to play. The key to minimising such damage is to use targeted hair products specific for bleached hair, these work on a cellular level to repair broken bonds and to keep your hair moisturised. We’d also recommend booking regular trims with your hairdresser to keep your ends looking fresh and healthy and prevent breakage.

Male model with square hairstyle
Hair By: Karim Nabbach Photography By: Mo Nabbach for
M&M Hair Academy


Enough of the serious stuff though, despite all of the above we mustn’t forget that your hair is just that: hair, it’s in its nature to grow back, and this is what makes it such a fantastic canvas for experimentation and playing with trends.

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How To make your hair grow faster?

The question on every girl’s lips: How do I make my hair grow faster?

Typically your hair grows at the rate of a quarter to half an inch per month and that is if your hair is in good nick with minimal split ends. If you yearn for longer locks and just aren’t satisfied with the rate of your hair growth there is every possibility that your lifestyle and current haircare routine could be to blame. Read on for our pro tips on to help maximise your natural hair growth.

Regular Trims

  • Firstly, although it may seem counter-intuitive, regular trims are your friend, not your enemy. Rather than physically making your hair grow faster, trimming a small amount off your ends at regular intervals prevents splits causing breakage further up your hair. Most stylists recommend having as little as an eighth of an inch lopped off as often as once every two months!

Keep your hair moisturised

  • Styling and colouring can take its toll on your hair over time and ensuring your hair is hydrated can help to limit this damage and encourage hair growth. Something as simple as ensuring that you condition your hair after every wash can really help to help strengthen the hair shaft, seal the cuticle to lock in all of the nutrients.
woman with long hairstyle
How to make your hair grow faster Hair & Photography By Mo Nabbach for
M&M Hair Academy


Hair & Photography By Mo Nabbach for
M&M Hair Academy

Incorporate a weekly mask into your haircare routine

  • Incorporate a weekly mask into your haircare routine. It may sound overindulgent for those of you who are used to a more pared back hair regime, but applying an oil-based treatment can work wonders for longer hair. It’s important to remember that hair that has grown beyond your shoulders is many years old and therefore needs a little more TLC to prevent breakage.

Don’t neglect your scalp!

  • Healthy hair starts, quite literally, with a well-maintained scalp. In the same way that you exfoliate your face to remove dead skin cells, your scalp can also benefit from a good scrub. An easy DIY hack for scalp exfoliation is simply adding a couple of spoons full of granulated sugar into your shampoo and gently massaging into your scalp.

The bottom line? Healthier hair grows faster! While our hair growth hacks will undoubtedly help you in your quest for luscious long locks, there is no miracle shortcut- patience is a virtue!


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The Bob Hairstyle And Its History

While it is undoubtedly one of the most timeless and straightforward haircuts of all time, there is more than meets the eye when it comes to the humble bob. It is safe to say that no other style loaded with such social and political connotations so you ought to read on before you decide to lop off your locks!

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Hair Tips For Winter

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