Colour Services

Add a new dimension to the way you look.

Hair & photography by Mo Nabbach & Karim Nabbach for M&M Hair Academy

COLOUR Services

As a hair colour specialist, colouring your hair can be the simplest way of subtly or radically changing the way you look. The colour can be either permanent or temporary, and our staff are available for free consultations to help you to make the most appropriate and informed choice as to which particular technique will most suit you.

At M&M  with the use of images and colour chart, we can help you see some of the different looks that you can achieve.

With the range of colour products now available and our technician’s colouring experience, we can add a new dimension to the way you look.

Colour Trends

    • PARTIAL COLOUR: By just emphasising the lines of the cut with colour, for a bolder, stronger look.


    • TOUCH COLOUR: This technique used to emphasise the texture of the haircut; it is ideal for short hairstyles.


    • PAINTING: Placing the colour exactly where it works best for subtlety or strength.


    • SLICE COLOUR: This technique is perfect for bobs or cats with straight lines.


    • SEMI PERMANENT COLOUR: Ideal as an allover colour, no harsh regrowth also enhance natural hair tone and adds glossy shine.



Hair & Photography By Mo Nabbach & Karim Nabbach


Balayage is a French word meaning to paint or to sweep. It gives the hair more of a sun-kissed effect; it lasts longer because it doesn’t leave a visible regrowth.    


Highlights is an ideal introduction in hair colour, not just blond lights, but a whole range of colours can be used to give your hair a subtle change in tone and depth or more defined noticeable look.