Perm Hairstyles

The action of perming takes place deep within the body of the hair, breaking down the bonds that normally shape the hair and then realigning them to the desired shape.The team at M & M Hair Salon are fully trained to help you decide what form this new shape will take.

Perm HairstylePermed bob hairstyle
A multitude of tried and tested products and techniques available at our Ealing Hair Salon means that an infinite variety of looks and styles can be achieved , leaving you, as an individual with the Perm Hairstyle that suits you best.

Listed below are just a few of the perming techniques available at M&M Hair Academy.

Weave winding: the irregular curl size used gives volume and texture, particularly to fine hair and also be used to break-up thick, coarse hair.

Double Decker: Versatile perming technique that can be used on the whole head or just at the crown to give body at the root and curl on the length and ends.

Wind & Leave: ideal for find or medium textured hair, resulting in a soft curl with volume.

Curve & Curl: this gives more root-lift than the wind & leave, and is therefor ideal for the bob shape, especially if the hair is fine and lacks volume.


Perm Service Prices From
Perming – Short Hair £65
Perming – Long Hair £95
Spiral Curls £110