Hair & Photography By: Mo Nabbach for
M&M Hair Academy

To Bleach or Not to Bleach? sported by a number of picture-perfect A-listers,

Currently sported by some picture perfect A-listers, It’s fair to say, that the white blonde trend that has taken by storm, is here to innocent scroll through your Insta feed provides temptation enough take the plunge. Bleaching your hair is a bold change though, with long term effects on the quality of your locks, so we’ve pulled together some key info to help you make an informed decision.

Hair Bleach Application

There are a couple of important factors to consider before booking your bleach job. First and foremost you need to make sure your hair type can handle the treatment, finer hair will be the most affected by the bleaching, but not all of these effects are necessarily bad. While bleach undoubtedly damages all hair types, in the long run, the appearance of fine hair after lightening treatments may seem thicker because the bleach has altered the elasticity and porosity of your hair, changing the way it absorbs moisture.

Hair Bleaching Damage & HOW TO PROTECT YOUR HAIR

It’s also important to remember that after treatment your hair will be more vulnerable to environmental damage and the effects of heat styling. The bleach affects the structure of your hair cuticle resulting in more breakage, and the notorious split ends coming out to play. The key to minimising such damage is to use targeted hair products specific for bleached hair, these work on a cellular level to repair broken bonds and to keep your hair moisturised. We’d also recommend booking regular trims with your hairdresser to keep your ends looking fresh and healthy and prevent breakage.

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Hair By: Karim Nabbach Photography By: Mo Nabbach for
M&M Hair Academy


Enough of the serious stuff though, despite all of the above we mustn’t forget that your hair is just that: hair, it’s in its nature to grow back, and this is what makes it such a fantastic canvas for experimentation and playing with trends.