Curly Hair-Styles Are Back


Just in case you hadn’t heard perms are back!  No, don’t be scared, the modern perm is different, with no frizz and if it can be created with a tong or a roller it can be done by perming.  With a gentler process and fresh technique, the results are totally on-trend.  In the 80s perms were created by using perming rods and solution, now hairdressers can use a variety of methods without the harsh chemicals to give the client the desired effect whether that may be a tousled beach wave or an ‘S’ curl (which is the type of curl you get after plaiting the hair).  It’s all about placement and working with natural hair.  As long as the hair is healthy, perms will not cause any damage if done by an experienced hairdresser.

What if my hair is coloured?

There are perms to suit all hair types.  However, if the hair is over-processed, dry, or damaged your stylist should help you to bring it back to the optimum condition before undergoing any further treatment.  Whatever you don’t try and perm your hair at home, if you are too young to remember the 80s go and find someone that does!

How long will it last?

This depends on the length of the hair and how quickly your hair grows.  It will definitely have more longevity on longer hair, once the roots grow out the curl will grow with it becoming wavier at the ends of the hair.  Shorter hair can expect the perm to last approx. 4 months.  As always begin by going to your hairdresser for a consultation, and take pictures along to explain what kind of look you would like to achieve.  Be honest with the hairdresser about your lifestyle, if you are very low maintenance and don’t have the time or inclination to devote to daily hair styling tell them, and they can then suggest perms that will suit your hair and your life.


It is always a good idea to use a heat protector when styling hair, in addition to this adding a more deep conditioning treatment to your regime will pay dividends in helping to keep the hair in tip-top condition.  Use a diffusing attachment with your hairdryer for a gentler blow-dry that keeps curls curly, without the dreaded frizz.

The Man Perm

Hear us out on this. Japanese and Korean guys have been using perms for years to add texture and manageability to their straight thick hair.  The curly hair trend has also been gracing the catwalk for a couple of years now and is now filtering onto the streets of London.  Think more of Jon Snow from Game of Thrones rather than Justin Timberlake from the NSYNC era

In conclusion, the perm looks like it is here to stay.  It is a great way to give the hair a sexy, carefree look.  If you long for some va va voom in your hair it may just be the answer to your prayers.  So, now your interest has been sparked. Shall we book you in?