Hot Tips for Cold Days: We Solve Your Winter Hair Woes

Pitch black mornings, appallingly dry skin, excessive heating bills and a perpetually runny nose. You really don’t need another thing to add to your list of winter woes. So… let us share out top tips on how to keep your locks looking tip-top despite the gale force winds and sub-zero temperatures. We’ve pulled together some super-simple at-home remedies to help you steer clear of static and banish breakage, among other cold weather culprits. Be warned, you’re going to have to be prepared to shake up your weekly haircare routine a little.

First and foremost it’s time to say goodbye to daily hair washing, as temperatures your hair becomes particularly vulnerable to dryness and breakage, keeping washing to a minimum will allow your natural oils build up providing a layer of protection against the elements. It is also key to remember that when you do wash your hair make sure you allow enough time to thoroughly dry it before leaving the house. The moisture in your hair combined with cold temperatures can actually damage your hair further, causing it to become brittle. Cold weather combined with excessive hair washing doesn’t just zap the moisture from your hair, it can also lead to a dry scalp.

A quick and easy way to combat this moisture loss is to introduce a hair mask into your haircare programme. There are tonnes of restorative treatments on the market designed to hydrate, strengthen and condition your locks and keep your scalp flake free. If you prefer to keep it natural we’re recommend coconut oil for its natural conditioning properties. Simply rub it directly on the scalp and full length of your hair leaving it to work its magic for around 45 minutes.

While we’d encourage leaving longer between washes, haircuts on the other hand need to become a more a frequent occurrence as the weather changes. Blusterous winds and rain are bound to lead to an increased use of heated styling tools and this combined with chilly temperatures and central heating can mean only one thing… split ends! Unfortunately there’s no quick fix here, making regular trips to your hairdresser is quite simply the most effective way to maintain healthy looking hair with natural volume.